Course Overview

Listed as: SCU COEN 296B
Instructor: Max Kreminski
Offered: Winter (Jan-Mar) 2023

Design, development, and evaluation of software systems intended to support human creativity. Students will read, write responses to, and discuss research papers on creativity support tools (CSTs), human-AI interaction, and related topics; work in small groups to create a software tool that supports artists, writers, designers, musicians, or other creative practitioners; and write a final project report that could serve as the seed for a future peer-reviewed conference or journal publication. HCI-focused complement to COEN 291 Computational Creativity, which approaches creativity from an AI-focused perspective.


Week 1: What are CSTs?

Week 2: Understanding creativity

Week 3: Design metaphors for CSTs

Week 4: Experience-focused CST design

Week 5: Prototyping CSTs

Week 6: Evaluating CSTs

Week 7: Expressive range analysis

Week 8: CSTs for collaborative creativity

Week 9: CSTs as coaches / teachers

Week 10: Show and tell